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You are not bad luck, you are just not motivated enough

You are not bad luck, you are just not motivated enough


This society seems unfair.

Some people have been rushing to Rome all their lives, and some have been in Rome since they were born;

Some people seem to be kissed by an angel and everything goes well, while others are cursed by Satan.


All unsuccessful, dissatisfied, unsatisfactory, in the end, seems to be blamed on fate. But ask yourself whether it is your bad luck or the lie that you said in self-comfort.

The status quo of most people: willing to fall, and don't want to work hard.


What is destiny?

to be honest. This thing is just the boring self-comfort of the loser, the helpless ridicule of the weak,

In many cases, it is not the traffic lights or the timing that make it funny, but your innumerable hesitation.


You have no idea what you want, no motivation, no goal, no courage to fight for tomorrow, no effort to match everything you want, only a lot of complaints and frustration, and so-called luck.


There are no geniuses in the world, only fools who don't work hard. Many mistakes are just because you don't work hard enough, don't fight, don't retain, and then hypnotize yourself and say everything is destiny.


Your good luck should be hidden in your strength, and more importantly, in your unknown efforts.


The harder you work, the luckier you are, that is the truth.

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