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Vcare will show you the correct understanding of diapers!

Vcare will show you the correct understanding of diapers!


Some people say that red PP means buying diapers with quality problems. Some people say that diapers leak urine because they have quality problems. In fact, these conditions are not enough to explain the quality of diapers. Which conditions are normal for diapers?


As a diaper manufacturer with 12 years of professional manufacturing experience, Vcare will allow you to re-understand diapers.

1. It feels different, one is soft and the other is hard

The newly arrived diapers are tightly pressed together, so once they are left unpacked for a few days, each piece of diapers will be relatively softer. You can do experiments at home. Open one pack of two packs of diapers purchased from the same channel, and take them out when you use the remaining pieces. Compared with the other pack just opened, the feel is different.

When you use it, you can pat it with your palm and it will be much softer.


2. There are white salt grains inside

Many diapers have a third-generation core structure in technology. Under normal circumstances, there are no white "salt grains" on the surface, but this is a common phenomenon for traditional diapers. In fact, the white "salt grains" are absorbent Polymer resin, scientific name SAP, this is the highest gold content in diapers, any high-end brand diapers have SAP. As for why SAP appears on the surface of diapers? It turns out that during the production of diapers on the machine, due to the quality of SAP

Lighter and the machine is running at high speed, the polymer water-absorbing resin (SAP) will easily float on the surface of the diaper. SAP is harmless to the baby's health.


3. Reasons for the baby's red butt

The baby's skin is not fully developed and mature, the stratum corneum is very thin, especially the skin in the contact area with the baby diaper is thinner than other parts of the body, no matter how good quality cotton soft surface layer is used, it will still affect the baby; baby resistance

The strength is relatively weak, but the baby's urine and stool are much more than that of adults. They make the skin on the little butt contaminated and moist and stimulate the skin greatly, so it is easy to induce diaper rash.


Now you have a basic understanding of diapers! If you want to know more product knowledge answers, come to Vcare~


QuanZhou-Vcare has a professional technical R&D team and high-quality product brand in the production of diapers, wet wipes and sanitary napkins!

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