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Vcare Teaches You What Should the Mother Pay Attention to When Changing the Baby's Diapers?

Vcare Teaches You What Should the Mother Pay Attention to When Changing the Baby's Diapers?


Changing the baby's diapers is a headache for many mothers. Some babies have ulcers in their groin because they wear diapers for too long. Other mothers obviously put on the baby's diapers, but as a result, the baby's buttocks got wet again in the morning. In fact, it seems that changing diapers is very simple, but there are still many details to pay attention to. In severe cases, it may even affect the baby’s development.


In the face of changing diapers, what details should mothers pay attention to?


1. Many careless mothers do not clean their private parts when changing their baby's diapers, thinking that they will be fine if they wipe their buttocks with paper towels or wet wipes. In fact, many times the baby's urine and stool will remain in a private place. If you cover it with diapers for a long time, there is a risk of infection. When mothers wipe their babies' buttocks, they must wipe from the inside out, paying attention to the private areas to be slightly clean. It is best to bring some water when cleaning and wipe dry.


2. Many parents simply raise the baby's feet high when they change diapers for babies, keep the baby's back away from the bed, and then put the diapers under the buttocks. In fact, this is wrong. On the one hand, lifting the baby too high will frighten him, and may even pee during the replacement. On the other hand, if this action is repeated, it will cause damage to the baby's spine. After all, the bones are not mature enough, so just lift it up a little bit, and it will be convenient for the baby to pee.


After summarizing the above points of attention, it also explained the correct diaper replacement procedure. I hope that mothers can take more care of the baby and not be too careless. Take precautions and hope that every baby can take off his diapers as soon as possible and grow into an adult.


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