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Quanzhou V-Care is a leading manufacturer in the sector of diapers for babies and adults, sanitary napkins, underpad and menstrual cups.

V-Care provides a wide range of baby diapers for customers. The baby diaper, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, and stable quality. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.

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What is Baby Diapers?

Baby diapers are a disposable product that can be easily replaced without washing. The super absorbent core layer inside uses a polymer absorbent body to meet the fluffy pulp combination absorbent structure. Absorption is fast and full, effective cohesion does not back seepage, to ensure impermeable and leak-proof, so that the baby is dry and refreshing at all times. At the same time the use of leak-proof elastic pants edge, unique U-shaped design, gently wrapped around the baby's legs, to effectively prevent urine side leakage, so that the baby in whatever situation are dry and clean. Curved three-dimensional cut, and body fit. And there is a soft and dry non-woven surface layer, breathable, at any time to let the baby feel comfortable and natural.




Structure of Baby Diapers

Modern baby diapers are generally composed of three main parts: the surface cover, the absorbent core layer and the backing. The surface cover layer fits snugly around the baby's body, enabling rapid urine penetration and effectively preventing re-infiltration, keeping the baby diaper surface dry and cool.


Surface Coating
The baby diapers on the domestic market are basically non-woven top layer. Breathable non-woven fabric can enhance the degree of breathability inside the baby diapers, and water vapor can be circulated outside the baby diapers to discharge moisture and heat in a timely manner, effectively reducing the chance of eczema, and is soft and comfortable without irritating the skin.


Absorbent core layer
This layer is mainly capable of capturing and quickly absorbing urine, dispersing urine or spreading it throughout the core layer through capillary action, and finally absorbing and storing urine. The absorbent core layer of baby diapers in the domestic market is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (fluffy pulp) and highly absorbent resin (SAP) in a laminate structure.


Bottom cloth part
Many baby diapers abroad already use non-woven fabrics that feel more comfortable, but due to high prices, the baby diaper backing in the domestic market is still mainly composed of PE film.




Advantages of Baby Diapers

1. super absorbent core layer using polymer absorbent body meets fluffy pulp combination absorption structure. Absorption is fast and full, effective cohesion does not back seepage, to ensure impermeability and leak-proof, so that users are always dry and refreshing.
2. Feel comfortable and natural. Curved three-dimensional cut, and body fit, while using a soft and dry non-woven surface layer, breathable.
3. Users can be dry and clean no matter what position they are in.
4. The use of leak-proof elastic pants edge, unique U-shaped design, gently wrapped around the leg, effective prevention of urine side leakage, so that the user no matter what the situation is dry and clean.




Selection Tips

The following characteristics can be used as purchasing indicators:
1. Material. Good baby diapers, the texture should be light and soft, soft edges, will not irritate and scratch the skin.
2. Water absorption. When wet, the liner can absorb the urine in it and still keep dry when in contact with the skin.
3. Three-dimensional protective envelope. Nowadays, baby diapers have three-dimensional protective envelopes to ensure no side leakage. When choosing baby diapers, see if the rubber band used in the three-dimensional circumference is fine enough and elastic enough, otherwise it will strangle the baby's skin and may cause side leakage of urine.
4. elastic waistband. In addition to the material, the fit is quite important to consider, parents must choose the right size according to the size of the little baby's buttocks. The addition of an elastic waistband will make the baby diaper fit closer to the baby and prevent back leakage.
5. Tape. The stickiness should be strong, and it is best to be able to stick repeatedly; in addition, the sound of tearing should not be too loud, so as not to scare the sleeping baby; it should not be too hard, otherwise it will easily scratch the baby.



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