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The mouth is someone else's, and life is yours

The mouth is someone else's, and life is yours


I suddenly understood that, like a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people, everyone has their own character and opinions, but the opinions of others are those of others, and you should grasp your life by yourself.

You don't have to blindly doubt yourself for the sake of what others say, because people who really understand you will never know you from others.

Life is no more than 30,000 days, and it is enough to live only for oneself and only for the worthy.

In many cases, it is always difficult to judge things in this world with absolute right and wrong, especially in the human heart.

Everyone's growth environment is different, and they experience different things, so they develop different personalities and different views on people and things.

If you do a good job, some people will be jealous of you, if you do a bad job, some people will slander you.

If a person spends his entire life to satisfy others, he will eventually be exhausted.

Walk your own way, live your own life, what to do with others.

Everything is the best arrangement~

QuanZhou-Vcare wishes you to live what you like and like who you are now.

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