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How to choose diapers and pull up pants?

How to choose diapers and pull up pants?


When it comes to diapers, I believe that every mother will understand its role, but some mothers don’t know much about pull up pants, especially new mothers, because their babies are still in their infancy and they rarely use- pull up pants. Not even needed. Today I will introduce the difference between pull up pants and diapers.

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The main difference between diapers and pull up pants is that pull up pants are training pants, which can be freely put on and taken off like panties, while diapers are more troublesome to wear. Pull up pants are generally used after the baby's first birthday. After the baby goes away, he needs to train to urinate. Then the pull up pants are more convenient, which is equivalent to wearing cotton underwear for the baby, which can achieve the purpose of training and prevent The baby pees on his pants. Although it is very convenient, the price is more expensive than diapers.

Pull up pants are recommended for naughty babies because they don’t need to lie flat on the bed for putting on and taking off. Many older babies will punch and kick every time they change their diapers. It is not easy for mothers to operate, but it is easy with pull up pants. Too many, just because of the feature that the baby does not need to lie flat on the trousers when it is inconvenient for the baby to go out, you can choose the trousers. Baby diapers are more suitable for young babies.

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