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Vcare teaches you how to choose sanitary pads and diapers!

Vcare teaches you how to choose sanitary pads and diapers!


1. Women of different physiques need to choose sanitary napkins that suit them

Those with sensitive skin are best to use cotton sanitary napkins. Nowadays, many sanitary napkins have a dry mesh surface, which is made of fiber, and some people may be allergic. Cotton-surface sanitary napkins are not easy to cause allergies. Women with sensitive skin should be cautious with fiber-net sanitary napkins.

When menstruation is heavy, it is best to choose a sanitary napkin with a dry surface and a mesh surface. The dry surface can protect the local skin from dampness. The bottom layer is preferably made of breathable materials, which can allow gaseous water molecules to pass smoothly, so as to achieve the role of timely exhausting of moisture, and effectively reduce the humidity and sultry of the sanitary napkin and the body.

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2. Whether there is a pungent smell before buying

How to choose children's diapers and other related products? Before buying, you should also smell the pungent smell of the diaper, try to choose a diaper with a small printing area; at the same time, touch the surface of the diaper and whether the leak-proof side is soft; finally, you can also choose to try it. Choose a diaper that fits your baby, and try the tightness of the waist and the inner thighs. It can't be too loose or too tight.

These are the basic knowledge that everyone needs to understand. If you are interested in these products, please contact us. Vcare will always welcome you!

Finally, let me briefly introduce our company. QuanZhou-Vcare has a professional technical R&D team and high-quality product brand in the production of diapers, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, and so on!

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