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Baby Diapers Suppliers From China

Baby Diapers Suppliers From China


1.The composition of our diapers

Vcare big ring waist diapers have been liked by many countries once they were launched. They are exported to the United States, Britain, France, South Africa, Pakistan and other countries and regions. As an upgraded version of the old craft baby diaper wholesale, the new baby diaper pants have many technical highlights. Two-piece three-dimensional hourglass core body + double insurance three-dimensional eversion design + 360° super absorption + S-cut magic buckle, which is equivalent to Vcare big ring waist daipers, directly reducing the probability of leakage from the root cause, so that little fart Keep your fart fresh at all times.

2.Our diapers are suitable for babies

As the main export product of the brand, babay diapers lead the industry in six major areas. In terms of absorption: the polymer absorbent material absorbs more water. In terms of elasticity: Surrounded super elastic waist, stretch as you want, and fit at any time. In terms of comfort: the soft surface layer brings a cotton-like soft touch to the baby. In terms of narrow sides: the curved crotch design fits the baby's buttocks and effectively prevents O-shaped legs. In addition, this diaper also has an ultra-thin design, a double-layer leak-proof enclosure and a super breathable bottom film. baby diapers for sensitive skin

The details and craftsmanship of diapers determine the market share. Pull-up pants and diapers have become the focus of this wave of market competition. However, not every company can have this hot-selling product. Vcare's product control can be called "strict". All raw material suppliers are from the world's top 500, such as waist tape supplier 3M, glue supplier Germany Henkel; production workshops use sterile, fully automatic machine equipment; production partners also have international brand OEM Companies with production experience.

4.Reliable baby diapers manufacturers

In the past 13 years, diapers have been promoting their product functions, while Vcare is more concerned about the consumer's feelings, whether it is the experience of use or the brand. Vcare's personalized packaging patterns and impactful and differentiated color presentations are not what diapers should be in mainstream public impressions. What they want to convey is a young, fashionable, independent parenting concept and a modern attitude to life. Each part selects safe, innovative, environmentally friendly, and extremely soft materials to give babies a breathable, dry, comfortable and free experience.

The main products produced by Vcare are as follows, new born baby diapers, disposable breastfeeding pads, flex menstrual cup, pet soft pet wipes, adult underpads and so on. Our factory supports OEM and ODM, for more needs and details, please contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

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