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China's Internet Maternal And Infant Market Is Entering A Period Of Accelerated Development

China's Internet Maternal And Infant Market Is Entering A Period Of Accelerated Development


Mobile Internet has exploded in China for nearly ten years. Internet giants represented by Alibaba, Tencent, and Bytedance have witnessed the development of China's mobile Internet industry. Whether it is mobile payment, bike sharing or online shopping, almost everyone's life and work are now closely integrated with the mobile Internet.

In the 21st century of economic globalization, our shopping methods have also undergone earth-shattering changes due to the outbreak of the Internet.

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Three factors accelerate the Internetization of the mother and infant market:

In terms of society, the education level of young parents continues to increase, and other members of the family except mothers pay more attention to pregnancy, and the user base of the pregnancy market has expanded. Besides, with the rise of young parents born in the 90s and 95s, the concept of gestation has been upgraded, making it easier to follow maternal and child information online. According to research, the younger generation has higher requirements for baby diapers, women’s sanitary napkins and baby wipes.

In terms of economy, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the consumption ability of residents has been improved, which has promoted the continuous growth of the Internet maternal and child industry. At the same time, the new economy represented by Internet retail, e-commerce live broadcasts, etc. is changing the consumption scenarios and formats of the traditional maternal and infant market, driving the expansion of the maternal and infant market, and accelerating the online and offline integration of the industrial chain.

In terms of technology, with the deepening of the mobile Internet, the development of a new generation of communication technology, and the massive popularization of smart terminal devices, it provides a strong technical foundation for the development of the Internet maternal and child market. At the same time, the new generation of Internet technologies represented by AI, big data, and cloud computing has further broadened the user's demand space and strengthened the maternal and infant market.

With this series of changes, QuanZhou-Vcare Nursing Products Co., Ltd. will select the rigid configurations of diapers, from wood pulp to non-woven bottom and surface layers, polymers, elastic bands, and Velcro. Global raw materials, every process is strictly checked to ensure that each piece of a product strictly meets the circulation standard.

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