Quanzhou V-Care Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd. specializes in designing , producing and marketing of disposal personal care products.

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Vcare is a company specializing in infant care products!

Vcare is a company specializing in infant care products!


Different from durable goods, diapers, as a typical high-frequency just-needed consumable in the consumption of infants and children, are purchased in large quantities and frequently. Generally speaking, the purchase path of diapers includes a process of trial, purchase, evaluation, and repurchase. In actual investigations, the safety of diapers is a point of concern for mothers. In addition, more than half of the second-born mothers focus on the trial experience of diapers, such as comfort, whether they fit the baby's body shape, etc., and pay more attention to the function of breathability, softness, absorption, and reverse osmosis. As a company specializing in infant care products, Vcare has a lot of say in diapers.

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QuanZhou-Vcare is a modern enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of infant care products. Mainly engaged in baby diapers, baby wipes, ladies sanitary napkins, and adult diaper pants.

It owns two major brands of baby diapers "BeBe STAR" and "RASNA", and has a sales network all over the world.

Vcare has always been committed to producing high-quality baby care products to care for the health of babies. Mainly aimed at the mid-to-high-end market, we will cooperate with distributors, stores and baby and child chains at all levels to build a multi-level and all-round marketing model, recruit talents, and create brand value. The company adheres to the core concept of "market leadership, quality wins, integrity management, and customer satisfaction" and focuses on the construction of the sales network. Now we have developed agents and distributors in Britain, France, Finland, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, etc., and won the trust and support of the majority of distributors and consumers.

Vcare's series of products focus on the development of infant and child business, focus on quality and social responsibility, and strive to provide healthy and safe quality assurance for the baby's future. In the rapid development of the market and the rapid changes in technology, competition is fierce. Vcare's series of products will be at the forefront with a never-ending footstep, and will always uphold the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first, service first" and a dedicated attitude of "precision, perfection, and beauty"; Improve and innovate continuously to provide customers and consumers with high-quality products and perfect services.

Vcare's other products (women's sanitary napkins, baby wipes) series products are willing to form long-term and stable strategic partners with our customers, and work hard for a win-win situation!

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