Quanzhou V-Care Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd. specializes in designing , producing and marketing of disposal personal care products.

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Vcare company OEM/ODM diapers, sanitary napkin care products!

Vcare company OEM/ODM diapers, sanitary napkin care products!


Vcare Nursing Products Co., Ltd., located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, has a production plant construction area of nearly 20,000 square meters. It has high-quality and sufficient raw materials, advanced production equipment, superb production technology and a strong management team. It is equipped with a dust-free production workshop and multiple Advanced production line equipment for feminine sanitary napkins and baby diapers. It is a professional daily necessities enterprise integrating OEM/ODM R&D and production, production and sales, planning and services. It has reached a high level in the country in terms of production capacity, product quality, process technology, production equipment, energy saving and consumption reduction and environmental protection.

It is reported that Vcare company introduced 3 full-servo smart sanitary napkin production line equipment and 5 packaging machines in early September. Because the company has many years of sanitary product production experience, the new equipment was quickly debugged after arriving at the factory and entered quickly. In the order production stage, we will provide global customers with a full set of sanitary napkin product production services in a stable and orderly manner, which is also one of the help artifacts that this order can be delivered on time.

oem diapers

"Very care", as the company's own sanitary napkin brand, takes "health care, intimate protection" as the brand concept, strict selection of materials, meticulous design, simple and fresh packaging, ultra-thin and instant-absorbing core, which can easily solve menstrual troubles, Deeply favored by female friends.

"Rasna" is the company's own baby diaper brand. Its 360° front and back waist trousers are designed with ultra-thin waist loops, and innovative use of 3D embossing technology. The convex points quickly absorb urine and are always dry; the concave points quickly divert and use Aerodynamics, locks in the fresh air, expels hot and humid air, continuously adjusts the temperature to 36.8℃, keeps baby's skin dry and free at all times; also adopts 360° heightened double-layer three-dimensional elastic waist design, which closely fits the waist-hip curve, and is elastic Full, more convenient to wear, softer to the touch, and effective in preventing side leakage in all directions.

diapers are baby diapers and baby pull-ups products customized exclusively for babies around the world. Vcare product designs are derived from strict safety standards and innovative concepts and are uniquely designed and reasonably priced to help babies grow up healthy and happy.

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