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This Time Let Every Baby Use Good Diapers!

This Time Let Every Baby Use Good Diapers!


QuanZhou-Vcare company wants to redefine the Chinese diaper products and must let every child use good diapers. This is our responsibility and mission! "

"Vcare" always adheres to the role and attitude of the mother to make products, always adheres to "safe, pure and no additives", select high-quality raw materials from the world, made with ingenuity, research and development and production of high-end soft diapers with "soft and thin" Features, today we share with you the mystery of the four characteristics of Vcare diapers "soft and thin".

Vcare baby diapers are made of the highest softness material currently on the market, made of 1.2 denier high-softness hot-air non-woven fabric. Under the friction of 20Hz, the raising rate is less than 0.1%, making the baby softer and more comfortable to wear, and further caring for the baby's delicate skin.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Vcare brand, in order to pursue excellent product quality, the founding team spent countless days and nights in the company’s laboratory, conducted tens of thousands of product matching and comparison experiments, and finally independently developed Rasna’s  “ultra-thin full core”. The overall thickness of Rasna diapers is only 0.1cm. The product not only uses the water-absorbing SAP polymer imported from Japan (Sanya and Sumitomo), but also increases the polymer content by 30%, making the product more water-absorbing and water-locking. Rasna's thinness is visible thinness.

soft baby diapers

Rasna diapers, the upper layer of the core body is made of Japan imported three-element polymer water-absorbing resin. The three-element polymer water-absorbing resin has the characteristics of strong water-locking function, which can quickly absorb the baby's urine while keeping the surface layer of the diaper dry and not reverse osmosis. . The lower layer is imported from Japan Sumitomo polymer water-absorbing resin. Sumitomo polymer water-absorbing resin has the functions of fast absorption and strong flow conductivity. It can quickly circulate the urine absorbed by the three upper layers to the entire core, so that the diapers are continuously layered, Can not afford to be lumpy, and achieve the baby's urine output for 2 seconds, instant suction, 10 seconds of dry function so that the baby's ass is always dry.

"Rasna" base film uses micron-level waterproof and fully breathable PE film. Because Vcare's product concept is "safe, pure, and no additives", the design of the product base film is also different from other products on the market. Fancy patterns and printing, after all, printed patterns more or less contain a certain amount of ink chemical composition. Our product only has a simple and clean fully breathable base film. The white base film design not only increases the breathability factor by 50%, but is also 20% lighter than the traditional breathable base film. It ensures the breathability of the product and does not leak.

The sanitary napkin brand under the feminine care division of Vcare.

The sanitary napkin brand "Romaity", in order to meet the diversification and high-end needs of modern women, has prepared products of different thicknesses, materials, and lengths for different occasions. You can freely choose the sanitary napkin that suits you. I believe that with the company's products, even the troublesome days will be as comfortable as usual. In recent years, since the pads can help keep the underwear clean, its favorite users have increased year by year. "Romaity" brand pads are prepared for you with menstrual and non-menstrual pads according to different occasions.

This time, the diapers and sanitary napkins produced by QuanZhou-Vcare have won many awards in China!

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