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Can Diapers Be Recycled?

Can Diapers Be Recycled?


In Japan, diapers are mainly burned.

The increase in adult diaper use has also increased pressure on the environment. According to estimates by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, the proportion of diapers in general waste exceeded 4% in 2015 and will increase to about 7% by 2030. If recycled diapers become popular, it will help reduce incineration costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

It can be understood that a paper diaper usually consists of three main parts: a surface covering layer, an absorbent core layer and a base cloth. The pulp content is 50%. Recycled paper diapers use pulp from treated waste paper diapers. In the past, foreign countries have tried to use high pressure, high temperature steam heating and other technologies to sterilize used diapers, but they cannot completely remove dirt to meet the production standards of diapers.

With the aging of society in developed countries, the consumption of disposable diapers has increased rapidly.

In 2020, QuanZhou-Vcare announced that the company will further develop recycled diaper technology.

The technology of recycling waste paper diapers can produce new diapers. There is no difference between recycled products and products that use the new pulp.

In fact, the company's recycling of its own products (such as diapers) has expanded globally. The goal of recycling old products is to achieve zero waste and bear the cost of waste recycling. In China, Japan, and South Korea, the use of adult diapers has increased due to the increase in aging, and carbon dioxide emissions during incineration have become a problem in recent years.

The society's call for environmental protection is getting higher and higher, and the concept of recycling has been recognized by more and more people. However, most consumers still have a slightly different concept when dealing with more personal diapers. After infiltrating the concept of environmental protection and the "preparation" of recycled products, it will take time to test whether the diapers launched by Quanzhou-Vcare can be recognized by consumers.

Recycled diapers may become a big trend!

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