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The top ten most praised domestic sanitary napkins in 2014

by:V-Care     2021-03-29
1. Seven degrees of space: The veteran household paper company Hengan Group launched the girl series sanitary napkins brand for young girls. There are three different lengths of 245mm, 275mm and 338mm, and they are divided into pure cotton surface and silky smooth mesh surface. The seven-layer protective structure pioneered by Seven Degrees Space combines various functional materials organically and scientifically, thereby effectively accelerating the penetration rate of the product and increasing the product absorption. The gapless bonding between layers makes the towel body thin, soft, and not deformed. When girls use it, in addition to getting perfect care, the personalized pink 'playing beauty' culture that Seven Degrees is committed to creating also allows girls to experience the beauty of 'playing' and always enjoy 'my comfort, I will decide'. 2. ABC: One of the series of products developed, produced and sold by Guangdong Jingxing Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. The company takes the development of professional, healthy and hygienic personal care product brands as its direction, and is committed to becoming a 'personal care expert' serving consumers. The ABC personal care brand, whose name is derived from the initials of the English word 'Always Being CleanDesigned for women who cherish themselves, pay attention to personal care and health, and pursue a high-quality life. 3. :Personal product manufacturer (http://xgj-lady.com/), a hot-selling brand of the personal product manufacturer. Its main products include Cypress Cooling Sanitary Napkins, Balanced Oxygen Care Sanitary Napkins, and Super Changan Sleeping sanitary napkins, etc. According to the needs of women, the company designs a variety of sanitary napkins that 'understand women's minds best' for female consumers to buy, so that women will no longer worry about menstruation and have a happy mood on the most special days. Since the launch of the personal product manufacturer brand in 1995, it has been committed to providing Chinese women with high-quality sanitary napkins and giving the most beloved physical and mental care, which can be called a classic among domestic products! 4. Anerle: Founded in 1993, she cares about you, is considerate of you, and always accompanies you for many years. She is your closest and most reliable friend. Anerle adheres to the positioning of 'good careAnerle’s new brand upgrade positioning will lower the brand target group in an all-round way. The main target group is the struggling family who are about to graduate or just enter the workplace at the beginning of graduation, and comprehensively update slogan: Anerle is happy and unlimited! Strive to convey the tonality of happiness and girlfriends to the brand. 5. Good comfort: The pillar brand of Hengli Group, with the purpose of healthy products and serving the public, is developed for the different needs of consumer groups at all levels, with rich categories, complete varieties, complete product lines, and comprehensive coverage The broad consumer groups, especially the 'Good Comfort Supernatural Three-dimensional Edge Protection Series, Good Comfort Supernatural Mini Towel Series' sanitary napkins have been launched, which further upgrades the product grade and wins consumers' favor with a better brand image. 6. Beishute: The well-known sanitary napkin brand of Beijing Beishute Maternity and Child Products Co., Ltd. Beishute has more than 20 production lines and strong technology development capabilities. It has independently developed and developed China's first wing-guard sanitary napkin production line with a wide range of product lines. The company always pays attention to products and has established a professional quality control system, which is listed as one of the five well-known brands with the best quality. 7. Cotton era: As a young brand, it was born in 2009 and is taken from the word combination of Pure+Cotton, which means to use 100% natural cotton to produce healthy, skin-friendly and high-quality life care products. Shenzhen Quanmian Times Technology Co., Ltd. has inherited the 20 years of professional technology and production experience of Wenjian Medical Group in the medical cotton industry. With its original 'Comprehensive Spunlace Non-woven Fabric Patent Technology' as the core technology carrier, it has realized the direction of medical products. Expansion of civilian products. 8. Weier VIA: Wei Anjie Nursing Products Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in 2010. Relying on the strong strength and foundation of Vinda International, Wei Anjie Nursing Products (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Hubei and officially landed in China. In line with the corporate mission of 'caring for health and improving the quality of lifeSafer and healthier care products and services. 9. Jie Ting: Jie Ting brand was founded in 1997, which belongs to the feminine hygiene care brand of Sibao Group. With subdivided product design concepts and self-confident, intelligent and pleasant brand personality, it is deeply loved by Chinese women. As a 'professional, healthy and trustworthy' mid-to-high-end feminine hygiene care products expert. Since its launch in 1997, it has been adhering to the quality management tenet of 'striving for excellence and quality first10. Motherwort: a well-known sanitary napkin brand under Shandong Yimu Women's Products Co., Ltd. Shandong Yimu is one of the top 100 private enterprises in Shandong Province, specializing in the production and sales of sanitary products. Its leading products are 'Leonurus' sanitary napkins and sanitary pads with Chinese herbal care functions. The company adheres to the business philosophy of 'learning for growth, innovation for development, quality to build a brand, and service to expand the marketThe investment in Ru0026D and development has enabled a steady stream of new products to be put on the market to meet the diverse needs of customers.
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