Which one is better for pull-up pants or diapers?

by:V-Care     2021-11-14

Nowadays, many mothers don't know the difference between diapers and pulling pants. In fact, pull-up pants and diapers are well distinguished. Take Pampers' pull-up pants and diapers as an example. In terms of appearance, the pull-up pants have elasticity at the waist, but the diapers do not. Pull-up pants are glued on both sides of the thighs, and the diapers are in front of the lower abdomen. Babies are more lively when they are around the age of, and the trousers can easily train the baby to urinate and defecate. When the baby is less than one year old, he has not been trained to urinate and defecate frequently, and diapers are relatively non-leaky, so diapers are more suitable.

In short, diapers are like sanitary napkins used by women. Diapers are loved by the majority of moms because of their characteristics that make babies urinate and not wet. However, because improper use of diapers, can easily cause many babies' diseases, so mothers must be careful and careful when using them!

Lala trousers are recommended for naughty babies because they don’t need the baby to lie flat on the bed. Many older babies will punch and kick every time they change their diapers. It is not easy for mothers to operate. The trousers are much easier. Because of the feature that the baby does not need to lie down, the baby can choose to lay down when it is inconvenient to go out. Baby diapers are more suitable for young babies, because they have more poops, and they will not stand, which loses the meaning of using pull-up pants, and the composition of pull-up pants will be improved. Therefore, it is recommended for low-month-old babies. The mother chooses diapers for the baby. The tightness of the diapers can also be adjusted at any time. It is more troublesome to adjust the diapers.

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