Why are the prices of diapers more and more expensive?

by:V-Care     2021-11-17

In the past, most of the competition among diapers occurred in the mid-to-high-end market, but now many products, including domestic products, have shifted to the high-end and ultra-high-end markets. So, why are diapers products moving in the direction of high-end development, and the prices of diapers are becoming more and more expensive?

1. The change of consumption concept

First, the family changes. In terms of family structure, most people after the age of 85 and 90 are children. After they gave birth, most families showed a 4/2 inverted pyramid structure. Under this structure, babies naturally incorporate the love of their elders, including parents, grandparents, and grandparents, and mother-child consumption has naturally become the focus of attention of the entire family.

The second is the change in consumption concepts. At present, the post-80s and post-90s have grown up in a more affluent and open environment and have become the main force of infertility. They are a generation influenced by the Internet, have higher education and cultural level, and are more open in the concept of raising children. They are promoting the transformation and upgrading of consumption patterns. With the improvement of income level, the improvement of parents' concept, and the enhancement of consumption ability, Baoma and Dad are less sensitive to price, pay more attention to the quality of many maternal and infant products including diapers, and pay for related products for infants and young children. Ability and willingness to pay to continue to improve, and always believe in every penny and penny commodity.

2. The production cost of diapers is very high

The first factor is the rising price of diapers and raw materials. The price of raw materials determines the cost of diapers, and the use of raw materials determines product quality. Baby diapers are used in non-woven fabrics, bottom films, rubber ribs, water-absorbing polymer resins, fluff pulp, hot melt adhesives, etc. From the perspective of the wood pulp market, international supply is tight, international pulp prices have reached a high level in the past five years, and the prices of other upstream raw materials are also rising.

As an important water-absorbing polymer resin in diapers, the quality of the diaper core determines the quality of diapers to a large extent. Among them, non-woven fabric determines the softness and waterproofness of diapers. The softer the processing, the higher the cost. In addition to the rising costs of raw materials, factory labor costs, diaper packaging costs, and production line costs, under the premise of increasing costs in all aspects, diapers will naturally increase their prices to maintain product quality and reasonable profit points.

3. High-cost channel construction

Baby diapers are fast-moving consumer goods. At present, they are mainly sold in commercial super-channels, e-commerce channels, and maternal and child channels. On the basis of ex-factory prices, including e-commerce and mother-child channels, prices will be gradually increased in order to maintain reasonable profits, but offline The super-channels of the business are shrinking. Although diapers are no longer 'draining artifacts' from online and offline maternal and child channels, there is still a lot of room for improvement. The Maternal and Child Channel has won the favor of more and more young parents by virtue of its stand-alone service, professionalism, and comprehensiveness.

4. The cost of product marketing is rising

It is not easy for foreign products to compete in the high-end market. In the case that prices cannot be used to bridge the gap, product promotion capabilities and consumer insight will become ways to attract consumers, which also means that a higher cost must be paid for product promotion. In the current diaper products, in order to attract young consumers to 'do their best

To sum up, we know that the cost of raw materials, channels, and product marketing of diapers are increasing, the industry and consumer market are constantly upgrading, and the prices of diapers are becoming more and more expensive. Under this trend, although some companies deliberately hype up the price of diapers, consumers will speak with facts for products that can really make money and will speed up the survival of the fittest in the industry. If you want to operate high-priced diapers for a long time, good product quality, product influence, and channels are the right way.

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