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The difference between pull-up pants and diapers

by:V-Care     2021-11-19

When it comes to diapers, I believe that every mother will understand its role, but some mothers don’t know much about pull-up pants, especially new mothers, because their babies are still in their infancy. For the use of pull-up pants There is very little, or even no need, what is the difference between pull-down pants and diapers today.

The main difference between diapers and pull-ups is that pull-ups are training pants, which can be freely put on and taken off like panties, while diapers are more troublesome to wear. Pull-up pants are generally used after the baby's first birthday. After the baby will go, he needs to train to urinate and defecate. Then the pull-up pants are more convenient, which is equivalent to wearing cotton underwear for the baby, which can achieve the purpose of training and prevent The baby pees on his pants.

Although it is very convenient, the price is more expensive than diapers, so I suggest that mothers do not need to use any diapers at home and choose diapers or pull-up pants when going out. Pull-up pants are recommended for naughty babies because putting on and taking off does not require the baby to lie flat on the bed. Many older babies will punch and kick every time they change their diapers. It is not easy for mothers to operate, but with pull-up pants, it is easy Too many, just because of the feature that the baby does not need to lie flat, you can choose to pull the trousers when it is inconvenient for your baby to lie down. Baby diapers are more suitable for young babies.

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