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The choice of diapers depends on the baby's body shape

by:V-Care     2021-11-16

Some younger parents are not very clear about the timing of choosing baby diapers. Most of them will follow other people’s suggestions or think which one is more common, so they will naturally choose those diapers. However, when choosing diapers for a baby, we can't reduce the trouble, and more often consider the baby's health. We first need to choose from the baby's own needs. So, when we choose diapers, how do we need to choose the right baby size? Next, follow along to learn about it!

1. Must fit the shape of the baby

At present, due to the scale of diapers on the market, there are five types of diapers, such as primary diapers, small diapers, medium diapers, large diapers, large diapers, etc., so our parents have more choices, but still hope It is suitable for the baby's body shape, especially the legs and waist should not be too tight, otherwise, it will be easy to strangle the skin. In addition, the size of diapers is the same and may vary from different manufacturers' products, so we can refer to the number on the outside of the package when buying diapers.

2. Leak-proof planning can prevent babies from urinating

When the baby urinates a lot, even if the diaper is changed, urine will leak from both sides. This will not only stain your baby's clothes but also make your baby uncomfortable. There are also leak-proof planning diapers, that is, the folds on the inner thighs and the leak-proof folds at the waist can effectively prevent leakage in the baby's urine volume.

3. The function of the glue should be very good

The use of glue should be able to approach the diaper, and it can also be pasted repeatedly after the diaper is loosened. Even if the baby jumps and jumps, it will not loosen and fall off. There are also a lot of diapers around the waist elastic pants. Twisting pants can effectively prevent the diapers from falling off.

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