Why does the diaper always have side leakage?

by:V-Care     2021-11-18

Diapers are a necessity for families with babies. Because the use of diapers requires frequent replacement, and the use of paper diapers, there is no such problem. However, many mothers always have side leakage when using diapers. What is the reason?

1. Wrong wearing method

Wearing diapers looks simple, but if the diapers are not properly worn, they will easily cause urine leakage.

2. There is a problem with the size

A problem with the size of the diaper can also cause urine leakage.

3. Saturated state of diapers

The baby urinates longer, or wears for a longer time, causing the diaper to become saturated. At this time, the urine absorption will be poor and urine leakage is prone to occur. In this case, it is recommended to change the diaper in time to reduce Dress time.

4. The baby has a lot of exercises, and the diapers are different

Especially when the exercise intensity of the big baby is very high, the diapers may be worn well in the first place, but they will be biased after a while. At this time, urine leakage is also prone to occur. In this case, parents should often care about the baby's diapers. , If you find that the situation is biased, you can correct it immediately and it can be reasonably prevented.

5. The baby sleeps on his stomach at night, causing poor drainage, excessive urine in the front side, and easy leakage of urine

Sleeping on the stomach is also detrimental to the growth and development of the baby, and is oppressed by the cardiovascular system. It is recommended that the baby adjusts their sleeping posture after the baby is asleep.

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