What is the difference between diapers and diapers?

by:V-Care     2021-11-15

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people will start to buy some diapers and diapers for their children to use. Compared with the previous life of using clothes or fabrics and then recycling, Nowadays, people pay more attention to the healthy development of children from an early age, but many new fathers and new mothers still don’t know the difference between diapers and diapers. Today, I’m here to share with you what is the difference between diapers and diapers!

Actually speaking, diapers and diapers are products of secondary consumption. One is a more professional name, and the other is a common name in people’s mouths. But if some parents don’t want to get up at night, If the child changes diapers, he can wear diapers directly. This baby product, which is similar to the shape of underwear, has the function of fastening the sides of the hips, and the diaper is not so convenient. We can understand that the diaper is actually equivalent Like women's sanitary napkins, they can only be used by sticking them to the top of the underwear, so diapers are more convenient for use.

From the structural point of view, diapers have gradually developed and innovated from secondary diapers to diapers made of absorbent resin materials. Scientific progress has witnessed the birth of new products, but diapers are not the beginning. In fact, it can be said that diapers are its predecessor. Diapers are produced based on diapers and then improved. So it can be said that diapers are actually the starting point of diapers. Without diapers, diapers are fully developed. Can't get up, so in general, more parents nowadays use diapers instead of diapers. This is also the reason.

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