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May someone love what you are looking forward to!

May someone love what you are looking forward to!


Time flies so fast. In a blink of an eye, half of 2020 has passed, and the days that belong to the years have passed by page by page, and they will never stay for anyone.

Every one of us feels that we can't keep going, there are many nights that we can't sleep, and we think about the direction before going to bed. In many tired moments, no one talks, no one helps.

When we want to give up, we all feel really tired and too difficult. But in the end, we still persisted, through the bitterness again and again in our own way, persisting and staying alive.

Life is really cruel sometimes, but fortunately, we didn't let it go, but told ourselves again and again: "You can, you can do it".

We have a definite number of encounters and partings with others. No one knows when the people who accompany you now will go in a different direction from you. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, and they will be in ten years. What it looks like.

From life to death, from beginning to end, you are the only one who can accompany you all the time. So, learn to tolerate your heart and say a few thanks to yourself.

QuanZhou-Vcare wishes that we can all be treated kindly by life, live the way we like, and live the life we want.

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