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How To Choose Diapers Without Stepping On Thunder For Repurchase?

How To Choose Diapers Without Stepping On Thunder For Repurchase?


Milk powder and diapers are used frequently among babies aged 0-3. Milk powder is to provide sufficient nutrition for the baby, and diapers are purely consumables. Basically, diapers need to be accompanied 24 hours a day, this stage can be regarded as part of the baby's body.

Just the inappropriate selection of diapers and improper wearing can easily lead to side leakage, skin abrasion, baby crying and other problems that make the baby noisy and the mother is upset.

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What kind of diapers are there to keep babies dry, comfortable and sleepy? Today, let’s talk about the precautions for choosing diapers, and at the same time, take a look at QuanZhou-Vcare Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.'s children's diaper series.

When choosing diapers, moms should remember that the size of the diapers must match the baby's body shape. Some mothers may wonder, each baby has a different body shape, and there is no real thing for the baby to try before buying, how do you know if it is appropriate?

Vcare diapers use double-sided stickers that can be attached to the baby according to the baby's body shape. The good adhesive function can still be repeated after the diaper is unwrapped. No matter what the baby's body is, whether the baby is sleeping or jumping. It can be easily fixed without falling, and without being squeezed.

The sweat glands of the baby’s skin are only half the size of an adult, but the amount of perspiration is almost the same as that of an adult. When the ambient temperature rises, the skin temperature is difficult to control, so moisture and heat must be released in time, otherwise, it will easily cause heat rash and Diaper rash. Therefore, choose diapers with high absorption capacity and high air permeability.

The Vcare diaper children's fun series uses imported water-absorbing polymer to be evenly distributed in all parts of the diaper. The absorbent core is as thin as 2 mm, but it has a strong instantaneous water absorption capacity and firmly locks the wetness. The bottom breathable film has The ventilating holes that are invisible to the naked eye can remove moisture and heat in time, keeping the surface of the diaper dry at all times, and the little butt is naturally fresh. The slim core body has a huge suction capacity, breathable to relieve boredom, and the baby is more comfortable to wear.

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