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VCARE thin and soft breathable diapers!

VCARE thin and soft breathable diapers!


The outer layer of diapers is generally made of a layer of film like paper cloth, which is used to prevent baby urine from leaking out. It is not difficult to prevent baby urine from leaking out. Ordinary plastic film can achieve the purpose of preventing urine from leaking out. However, the outer layer of the diaper must be breathable, otherwise, the baby will be prone to red ass and urine and sweat. The smell mixed together can easily make the baby uncomfortable.

This further shows the importance of breathability of the bottom membrane of diapers. Here, we also would like to tell  you about the types of baby diaper bottom film:

1. The best bottom mold for diapers is a hot-air bottom film, a hot-air non-woven fabric bottom film, which can play a better role in ventilation and effectively relieve the stuffiness. The hot air bonding process is a production method in which hot air penetrates the fiber web on the drying equipment to make it heated and melted to produce adhesion so that the bottom film of the diaper has high bulkiness, good elasticity, soft hand feeling, strong warmth, and breathability. Features such as good water permeability.

2. Soft base film, cotton soft base film has relatively good water absorption, under normal circumstances, the cotton fiber of the cotton soft base film absorbs the baby's sweat and directly touches the baby's skin, making the baby feel soft and not stiff.

breathable diapers

Vcare's thin, soft and breathable diapers are comfortable, flexible, and a little bit warmer. Adhering to the high standards of the international mother and child care industry, creating a natural, soft and comfortable diaper wearing experience for the baby is the brand concept, and is committed to creating a new environmentally friendly product that is healthy and safe, high elasticity and soft cotton, and gives the baby a wholehearted love.

At the same time, "QuanZhou-VCARE" has been committed to improving women's menstrual period experience since it was listed in China in 1996. Through the continuous upgrading and innovation of feminine sanitary napkin products, to meet the increasingly diversified consumer demand, it is deeply trusted and loved by consumers.


1.The surface layer is woven with fine fibers to help air circulate and increase the air permeability by 50%*

2.Drain the menstrual blood and suck it to the end, keeping the skin away from stuffy and sticky.

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