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Do subtraction for life, simply love yourself!

Do subtraction for life, simply love yourself!


In the dazzling world, the most important thing for people is to understand what they care about and what they want.


Sasaki, a popular blogger in Japan, used to be a middle-aged greasy man, 35 years old, from the moonlight family, living in a small room with a chaotic groove.


The room was full of clothes, snacks, books he lost, and his girlfriend broke up with him because he was too sloppy.


He once felt desperate in life.


The things I bought were everywhere, because they were too many to be found when they were often used, so I went to buy new ones, forming a vicious circle.


Once again he suddenly realized: I have already bought what I want, but I have been enjoying the instant satisfaction of buying things.


Since then, its life is like hanging up.



The mood is completely different, no longer full of complaints and dissatisfaction with life, the house is clean and tidy, and the mood is happy every day. .


Hope those friends who are still confused find their directions and goals quickly, and we QuanZhou-Vcare will walk with you.

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