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Summer diet should not be too greasy~

Summer diet should not be too greasy~


Some parents think that the summer is very hot and the diet is mainly greasy and not suitable. Because babies are in a period of growth and development, there is a great demand for nutrition. Too much fat in the diet can cause malnutrition in infants. In summer, the baby's diet should still be diverse.


Not suitable for weaning your baby in summer


In summer, especially in July and August, the weather is very hot, the baby's appetite decreases, and the bacteria in the food increase accordingly. Weaning in summer can easily cause discomfort to children, even manifested as digestive tract infections.


For summer diapers, choose ultra-thin breathable diapers.


At the highest temperature, please change the baby diaper in time and check the status of the baby diaper. The temperature of baby farts is relatively high.

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