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Sorry, you can't live a comfortable life!

Sorry, you can't live a comfortable life!


If you can't understand the suffering of not having money for a lifetime, I think there should not be many people who don't want to spend a lifetime in peace and security.


There are always places where work is not smooth, and there are always times when life is unsatisfactory, so many people will yearn for the attitude of Buddhism, but we have to admit that the life of adults is mostly given by money.


One day, you will suddenly find that you have resisted a lot on your shoulders, and you have to take care of your parents, have a family to take care of, and be alert to the various situations that may occur in your life. Then you will understand:


We can’t really live an easy life now,


20-year-old comfort, causing 30-year-old anxiety; 30-year-old anxiety; will only cause helplessness for the rest of his life.


In the best time, don't be the worst. It may be hard to persevere, but you who don’t give up easily are really cool.



So don't indulge in ease, as long as you work hard, a better life must be waiting for you.


At the age of struggle, don’t choose comfort, QuanZhou-VCare encourages you. . .

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