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2016 market demand forecast for sanitary napkins, seize the opportunity to be an agent

by:V-Care     2021-03-28
Market demand forecast of sanitary napkins in 2016, seize the opportunity to be an agent! According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, my country's 14-19-year-old women have stabilized at around 360 million. According to this calculation, the average age of women in this age group is 5 days per menstrual period and three times a day. The annual potential demand reaches 64.8 billion tablets.

Although China’s feminine hygiene products market has matured, as products continue to penetrate into third- and fourth-tier cities and towns, the market penetration rate of hygiene products will further increase. At the same time, the number of times that Chinese women change sanitary napkins during their menstrual periods will also increase. Because of frequent menstrual cycles, if the Japanese average menstrual period is changed 6 times a day, the demand will double; in addition, with the improvement of living standards, women's menstruation will start early and end late, and menopause will extend to 50-60 years old. Thereby increasing the market capacity of sanitary napkins. It is expected that my country's sanitary napkin/sanitary pad products will continue to grow steadily at a rate higher than the world average. According to a budget of 8% growth rate, the market size of my country's sanitary napkins (including pads) in the next five years is as follows:

The market demand for sanitary napkins is so great that it is undoubtedly a good business opportunity to be an agent of sanitary napkins! Personal Products Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer of women’s sanitary napkins and baby diapers in Guangdong Province. Its business scope covers sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, diapers, diapers and other sanitary products. Its sales and distribution network covers many provinces across the country. City, with a certain market share, is currently attracting investment in blank areas across the country, welcome to inquire! Sanitary napkin joining hotline: 400-6622-312
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