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Vcare gathers global resources and introduces world advanced technology

Vcare gathers global resources and introduces world advanced technology


The new brand logo expresses that Vcare will join hands with distributors across the country to deliver its kind and moving products, as well as the love and care for family life to every corner of the world, and adhere to the goal of caring for users every day.

Three series to meet all aspects of family life

The product line is fully renewed and upgraded, and three series of baby diapers, women’s sanitary napkins, and adult diapers have been launched, providing various products in various life scenarios, creating a healthy and happy home environment for family members, caring and accompanying Chinese families every day, Define a new family lifestyle.

Baby diapers series: let your baby feel your meticulous company. From the mother’s belly to the new world, the personal daily necessities that accompany the baby every day. The soft and thin Vcare care material brings the baby as pure, natural and gentle in the parents’ embrace. We are the embodiment of the parents’ love. , Accompany your baby every day of growth!

Ladies' Hygiene Series:

The breathability is extremely strong, and women are very sensitive to all aspects of their body functions during menstruation. If some inferior materials are used at this time, it will inevitably cause discomfort to their own bodies. Therefore, in the usual purchase stage, Vcare pure cotton sanitary napkins are also the product experience with the highest sales volume among the major well-known brands. They are recognized and highly liked by everyone, and experienced satisfaction and recognition from more people. We are the backing of women's confidence and accompany them to pursue their dreams bravely!

Adult diapers series: Comfortable and considerate care for the elderly.

1. It's easy to put on and take off like real underwear, comfortable and comfortable.

2. The unique funnel-shaped super-instant absorption system can absorb the urine for 5-6 hours, and the surface is still dry.

3. 360-degree elastic and breathable waist circumference, close-fitting and comfortable, without restrictions on movement.

4. The absorption layer contains odor-suppressing factors, which suppresses embarrassing odors and keeps fresh at all times.

5. The soft elastic and leak-proof sidewall is comfortable and leak-proof.

The renewal and upgrade of Vcare will enhance the stickiness between the brand and the user group, closer to the aesthetic needs of the new generation of maternal and child consumers, and establish and enhance the brand's favorability and trust. For a long time, Vacre has always used a keen market sense to capture consumer trends, innovation-driven, innovative, accurate and efficient solutions to consumers' pain points and demand points, insist on developing good products with good prices and moving people, to create the world's best diapers Brand defines a new family lifestyle.

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