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Vcare Company Produces Women's Menstrual Pants Series!

Vcare Company Produces Women's Menstrual Pants Series!


QuanZhou-Vcare company has a group of highly educated, high-quality management backbone and a professional technical team. With professional technology, rigorous management, excellent equipment, stable supply and strong production strength, it serves many customers and agents Provide high-quality products and services, and have won the trust and affirmation of customers.

Everyone has seen a lot of sanitary napkins. When it comes to pants, many people may think of baby diapers. In fact, the concept of panty sanitary napkins is very similar to disposable underwear, but it is much more comfortable and beautiful than it.

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Vcare relief pants (pants-type sanitary napkins):

1. Innovative pants type, ergonomic cutting, Lycra elastic waist, panty-like close-fitting, 360-degree wrapping of the hips;

2. The whole core body structure does not contain cotton pulp components. No need to worry about the threat of secondary recycling materials to your health. The whole core body is light and thin, breathable and not stuffy;

3. Hot air material The base film and surface layer are all made of hot air and breathable material, which is gentle to the touch and cares for the private skin;

4. Multi-purpose Female pregnancy, childbirth, menstrual period, post-operative care, etc. can be used. Under special circumstances, it can be used as disposable underwear. Throw away with use, convenient and worry-free.

VCARE company produces baby diapers series and women's relief pants series nursing products are produced in strict accordance with European national standards. The manufacturing process implements total quality management and uses ultraviolet sterilization. The products have long been tested by Quanzhou Station and Provincial Anti-epidemic Station of the National Light Industry Bureau. Inspected, meets quality standards, is hygienic and reliable, and consumers can buy with confidence.

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