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Diapers Suitable for winter—Vcare brand "Rasna"

Diapers Suitable for winter—Vcare brand "Rasna"


When choosing baby diapers for babies, pay attention to the seasons, mainly because of the different environments in different seasons, which have different impacts on newborn babies. Sometimes, different brands of newborn diapers are not suitable for babies to use in this season because of certain design details. Generally, pay attention to the two special seasons of summer and winter, one is extremely hot and the other is extremely cold. These two kinds of weather are not the best growth environment for babies. If you add unsuitable diapers, It may affect the baby's health.

After the winter, the night time becomes longer, and there is a new demand for the baby's choice of diapers. What kind of baby diapers is suitable for the baby in winter?

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Baby Diapers suitable for winter—QuanZhou-Vcare brand "Rasna"

In winter, babies’ clothes are thicker and require high dryness, breathability and absorption of diapers. Both the surface and bottom layers of "Rasna" diapers are made of hot-air non-woven fabric, and the soft surface layer protects the baby’s tender skin, imported from Japan The core body, massive absorption; high leakage protection, waist-attached paper diapers, tightly embrace the baby, thin and soft, dry and comfortable, non-returning, clean, no side leakage, no lumps, fast absorption of urine, let The baby stays dry.

The waist design of the baby diaper has large elasticity and strong elastic adjustment ability. It is suitable for babies of different skin types. The baby is comfortable to wear, and it will not cause strangulation and pressure on the thighs, butt and back. The baby is flexible to wear, which is inconvenient It is especially suitable for the winter when you wear and take off your clothes and change your newborn diapers and the cold winter night.

"Rasna" diapers follow the principle of "environmental protection and health". The product materials are excellent and safe, the production technology is advanced and strict, and the packaging design is childlike. The cartoon design is used to narrow the distance with the baby. The product packaging design is childlike and simple. Comfortable and safe, it will bring the baby a new experience that is thinner, softer and more breathable.

Moms, winter is here, so prepare a newborn diaper suitable for winter for your baby!

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