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Vcare diapers are more suitable for newborn care

Vcare diapers are more suitable for newborn care


The scalp of the newborn is very thin, more delicate and weaker. When shaving your baby's head, a little carelessness may damage your baby's scalp, and it is easy for bacteria to take advantage of it and affect your baby's health!

Note: Belly button care:

   Don't underestimate the small "trauma" of the navel. Improper care may cause infection. When nursing the baby's umbilical area, mothers should wash their hands first, then use a sterile cotton swab to disinfect the baby's umbilical cord to remove the dirt, and then use sterile gauze to wrap the belly button.

  Also, the baby’s diapers should be changed frequently to prevent bacteria from breeding and infection. If possible, parents can choose to avoid diapers that damage the belly button of the newborn. This can reduce the friction between the belly button of the newborn and prevent infection. When choosing a diaper, you should choose excellent quality, breathable and soft, the most important thing is to make your baby feel comfortable. Vcare's diapers, the brand originated in the United Kingdom, have a long history and are soft and breathable.

   Newborn babies need to be cared for by their parents and grow up slowly. Special attention must be paid to some details. Don't be careless. In history, babies are injured because of parents' carelessness, so learn a little about parenting every day!

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