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The "RASNS" diapers produced by the international brand Vcare give mothers more peace of mind

The "RASNS" diapers produced by the international brand Vcare give mothers more peace of mind


With the improvement of China's material living standards, more and more Chinese people begin to pay attention to the quality of life. For the Chinese, the child is the hope of new birth and the jewel in the palm of the family. Chinese mothers do their best for their children. Care for children should start at a young age. A high-quality diaper can prevent stuffy allergies, protect the baby's delicate skin, and bring the baby a whole day of free ventilation, clean and comfortable experience. Comfortable and easy-to-use diaper brands have always been a hot topic of discussion among Chinese mothers. The baby is comfortable and the mother can be more at ease. In the current market, Vcare’s infant brand "RASNS" diapers are very popular and favored by Chinese mothers. Follow the editor to take a look at the excellence of "RASNS" diapers!

In terms of product positioning of Vcare's diapers, "RASNS" diapers are people-oriented, starting from the comfort of the baby, and all-round consideration for the baby, creating a healthy, comfortable, safe, and hygienic "protective umbrella". First of all, "RASNS" diapers adopt a lightweight design concept, the whole piece of diapers is as thin as 2mm so that the baby is comfortable to wear.

  Secondly, "RASNS" diapers use de double-layer spunlace core. The spunlace non-woven fabric is finely woven with environmentally friendly fibers. When urine penetrates into the core of the spunlace fabric, the fibers are tangled together to form a net shape, which is more breathable without knotting.

Then, 6D embossing hot air surface layer. The surface of the diapers is made of Japanese Yamato non-woven fabric suitable for medical and sanitation, which is more healthy and skin-friendly. At the same time, the product contains 60 times the instant absorption factor, which can absorb urine instantly without reverse osmosis, making the baby more comfortable and without urine leakage. The double S mermaid diversion groove is flexible for compliance.

The adult diapers, ladies sanitary napkins, and baby wipes produced by Vcare are also hot-selling products in the world. It can provide customers with high-quality OEM services according to the needs of different regions and different countries. In the collection of raw materials, product processing, and technological processes The product packaging is meticulously carved, and every detail is eliminated, low-quality and inferior products are eliminated, and high-quality A and other brands are produced, so that babies can use them comfortably and mothers can buy them with confidence.


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