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Wholesale Disposable Sleepy Soft Breathable Baby Diaper OEM Manufacturer

Wholesale Disposable Sleepy Soft Breathable Baby Diaper OEM Manufacturer


When choosing diapers, parents should compare the appearance of diapers and choose the right diaper, so as to play the role that diapers should play

Be sure to fit your baby. Diapers can be divided into five sizes: newborn, small, medium, large and large. Parents must pay attention to whether it is in line with the baby's body type, especially the legs and waist of the elastic slot can not be too tight, otherwise it will hurt the baby's skin. Remind mommy that sizes of diapers may not always be the same and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So parents may wish to refer to the number on the outside of the package.

Leak-proof design can prevent the baby from oozing urine. When a baby urinates a lot, urine may leak from both sides, even if the diaper has just been changed. This will not only stain your baby's clothes, but also cause the baby to cry because of discomfort. Leak-proof design of diapers that stand up inside the thigh frills and waist leak-proof frills, when the baby urine volume is too much can effectively prevent leakage.

Good adhesive function. When used, the adhesive paste should be close to the diaper, and can be repeated after unlocking the diaper. Even if the baby jumps and jumps, it will not loosen and fall off. Now there are many diapers are waist elastic pants, twisting pants can effectively prevent diaper slip.

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