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Disposable Diaper Brand High Reputation Breathable and Comfortable Baby Diaper

Disposable Diaper Brand High Reputation Breathable and Comfortable Baby Diaper


Antibacterial effect, because baby urine in a warm and humid environment, it is easy to combine with oxygen in the air and breed bacteria, bacteria will harm the baby, especially the female baby, because the female baby vagina is the most sensitive (no antibacterial effect of diapers, it is recommended to change once every 3 hours, and antibacterial effect of diapers can be changed once a night, Generally no more than 12 hours)

It's best to have an elastic waistline for a closer fit. There is no elastic waist diapers, may be because the baby wet, wet parts of the heavier and the baby sleep at night have the characteristics of repeatedly turn over, it is easy to not follow the buttocks to move and easy to tighten (bad) the baby's inner thigh, elastic waist is the best choice with air holes, so as to discharge stuffy

Have a leak-proof hem so you don't get baby pee all over the bed

It is best to breathable bottom film, so breathable and impervious to water, the baby butt is very dry, very comfortable

It is best to feel soft and comfortable, some diapers touch a piece of hard things (may be absorbent polymer), the baby will be very uncomfortable to wear a night

It is best to absorb into the fault, once the fault, it is easy to overflow polymer, and sensitive skin with polymer, it is easy to be allergic

It is worth noting that the ammonia produced by nappies affects the environment and health, irritating your baby's eyes and respiratory tract.

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