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Quality Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins For Sale

Quality Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins For Sale
  • Quality Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins For Sale
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Quality Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins For Sale

The product is of consistently high quality and performance. Softer cotton feeling top sheet with deep-soft designed absorbs fluid quickly for ultimate comfort and surface dry. This product helps relieve users from bad odor problem.
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Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins Description

This sanitary napkin's bottom film is distributed with tens of thousands of breathable micropores, effectively blocking the leakage of menstrual blood while discharging hot and humid air, which not only brings girls a breathable and comfortable experience, but also effectively reduces the problem of bacteria breeding due to the heat.

Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins Structural Features

The first layer: hot air cotton soft surface layer, there are two kinds of cotton surface layer and ES non-woven (cotton & chemical fiber blend) surface layer, using medical grade materials, fast seepage, refreshing, skin-friendly and non-irritating, effectively prevent back seepage.

The second layer: long fiber infusion layer, which helps the infiltration of menstrual blood and longitudinal infusion.

The third layer: dust-free paper, made of 70% wood pulp (fluffy pulp) + 30% chemical fiber by heat lamination. The main function is to wrap the absorbent body, guide the flow, lock the water, make the towel body more soft, anti-deformation, not broken. Nurse Suhr for mechanical medical pad towel, in the third layer does not add drugs and other conditioning chips, pure and natural.

The fourth layer: absorbent paper, also known as composite paper, consists of two layers of small white paper and wood pulp plus polymer absorbent resin. Nurse Sol's slim structure, from the small body of polymer absorbent resin super absorbent performance. The use of Japanese Sumitomo 200 polymer absorbent resin, water absorption multiplier of up to 55 times!

The fifth layer: imported one-way breathable base film, 30 billion breathable micropores per square meter, to prevent menstrual blood leakage while breathable, the base film breathability at 53%. Sanitary napkin breathable is not easy to cause allergies and inflammation occur.

Sixth layer: backing and structural adhesive. Nurse Sol's adhesive selection of food-grade hot melt adhesive, non-toxic, easy to tear and pull without residue.

The seventh layer: release paper, used to adhere to the bottom film and wrap film, divided into back release paper, wing release paper, made of paper coated with anti-adhesive substances.

The eighth layer: the wrapping film, Nurse Sol uses medical non-woven wrapping film, moisture-proof, anti-bacteria and anti-mold, single sanitary napkin preservation is also clean.

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Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins SPECIFICATIONS
Model Number:VSN0020
Diaper Type:Disposable Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins
Size:150*200 / 150*180 / 180*200 mm
Fluff Pulp:USA Fluff Pulp
Payment:T/T, L/C, Western Union
Delivery Time:25 days
Start Port:Xiamen
Certification:CE / ISO9001
Packing:8 Pcs/bag

The soft cotton top sheet features a deep soft design that absorbs liquids quickly for the ultimate in warmth and surface monotony.

The highly absorbent core locks liquids and breath inside the towel to provide ultimate maintenance.

Specially designed soft and cozy wings hold the towel in place to provide extra maintenance.

Anti-disclosure channels maintain side leaks and absorb fluids faster.

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V-Care sanitary napkins must go through these following production stages, including metal materials procurement and preparation, components machining, surface polishing, and assembly. The product meets the standards of invention patents
The designed of V-Care free sanitary pads is sophisticated. It is developed by professionals who have been involved in the characterization, Mechanical design, and development of advanced technology products for years. The product comes with premium chemical stability, thus it will not cause a chemical reaction
The design of V-Care sanitary napkins is of professionalism. It is carried out considering many factors such as mechanical structure, spindles, control system, and part tolerances. The product comes with premium chemical stability, thus it will not cause a chemical reaction
V-Care free sanitary pads is designed with consideration of all possible mechanisms. These mechanisms are aimed at helping the desired motion or the group of motions in this product. Its manufacturing is back by the German equipment
V-Care free sanitary pads is meticulously designed. Various calculations are performed considering the desired speed and loads to decide its material and specific dimensions. Mould, mildew, fungus, etc. won't appear on its surface
The product has the required safety. It is able to run smoothly even in hazardous environments where humans are unable to operate. It can be cut and divided according to the specifications required by customers
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