Quanzhou V-Care is a leading manufacturer in the sector of diapers for babies and adults, sanitary napkins, underpad and menstrual cups.

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Children Sleepy Baby Diaper Manufacturers In Thailand

Children Sleepy Baby Diaper Manufacturers In Thailand

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Fujian, China
Brand Name:
OEM Brands
Model Number:
Sleepy Diaper VBD-L-050
Non Woven Fabric
Soft Breathable
Age Group:
Leak Guard
Diaper Type:
all sizes children diapers
Fluff Pulp:
USA baby diaper manufacturers in thailand
Japan Brand
Blue Core
clothlike film
company type:
manufacturers in Thailand sleepy diaper
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Video Description
Products Details
Different Quality                                                                                                                                          
Disposable Diapers/Nappies
Age Group:
Diaper Type:
Open Style
Nonwovens,Fluff Pulp,SAP
3D Leak Prevention Channel
Model Number:
NB.S.M.L.XL( Diapers );  M.L.XL.XXL (Nappies )
Soft Nonwoven
Imported From Japan
Clothlike Breathable
Velcro Tape:
Wetness Indicator:
Different Quality                                                                                                                                         
PP tape,PE-film Non-print Backsheet, Leg cuff,Leak guard
PP tape,PE-film Printed Backsheet,Blue ADL, Leg cuff,Leak guard
PP tape,Cloth-like Backsheet,Blue ADL, Leg cuff, Leak guard
Magic tape,Cloth-like Backsheet,Elastic Waist Band, Blue ADL,Leg cuff,Leak guard
Regular Packing                                                                                                                                         
Tips 1: Small packing: need more labor workers and materials,so the price will be litter higher.
Tips 2: Packing:Inner with Printed plastic bags + Outer with transparent poly bag/ Carton
Tips 3: Delivery Time: 7-15days after materials and moulds finish.
Tips 4: Payment Terms : LC or TT(30% Deposit, 70% against BL copy)

Description of product:

1. Environmental protection, skin-friendly: Our raw materials come from nature, creating a healthy environment for babies. Natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties make it very suitable for babies with sensitive skin. It is made of biodegradable bamboo or corn-based fiber, which is extremely soft and silky to the touch, and has no feeling close to the skin.It uses Sumitomo Polymer imported from Japan, ranking first in the entire S.A.P industry. It is easy to absorb and has good moisturizing ability. 2. The super flexibility of the front waist sticker can ensure that the baby's waist is not too tight. Velcro tape material can also avoid cuts from the baby's tender skin. 3. The material inside the diaper does not contain any harmful substances, such as fluorescent agent.

Diaper solution

*Top Sheet:with hydrophilic non-woven materil,can prevent rewet and keep baby's skin dry.
*Blue ADL:help the urine spread through the absorbent core.
*Leak Guard:with anti-water non-woven material,can avoid side leakage.
*Front Tape:go well with PE tapes or magic tapes,can be used as many times as necessary.
*Wetness Indicator:when the pattern fades away,it teminds the mother to change the diaper.
*Back Sheet:avoid the back leakage and keep the bottom clean and dry.
*Elastic Waistband:fit with baby's waist,avoid leakage and make the baby more comfortable.

Product features

1. Ultra-thin soft non-woven fabric, dry and comfortable, breathable, absorb quickly, protect your baby's delicate skin, prevent pee and odor, help prevent eczema.
2. The outer layer is made of strong breathable perforated bottom mold material to ensure the
circulation of gas inside and outside the diaper, to ensure that the small butt is not stuffy and always refreshing and comfortable.
3. The diversion layer absorbs urine from the surface layer and disperses rapidly, allowing the diaper to absorb evenly. The water lock layer firmly locks the urine, effectively preventing back oozing and ensuring that the butt is dry and
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Our service
As the most experienced company in the hygiene products industry in China, we are the most advantageous company in terms of experience. In recent years, our brand has gone global, including branded products such as baby diapers (RASAN, BeBe Star), sanitary napkins (Romaity,Very Care), adult diapers (Top Nurse, Very Care) and wet wipes (Very Care, RNSNA), Uderpad (Top Nurse) and so on. We make our own brand with our heart, and also support OEM and ODM to meet customer needs. We have also received affirmation and care from customers. Let us continue to look for more and more partners to cooperate with us to develop the international market.

1. A professional design team and partners will analyze the market positioning and have obtained a clearer market direction;
2. There will be professional design elites and partners to discuss the best design plan until the customer is satisfied;
3. We will continue to develop new designs, new products, environmentally friendly products, make products with competitive prices, and establish good and lasting cooperative relations with customers;
4. We will have a professional team to give customers one-to-one service, 24 hours online.

Our service:
1) We can help you choose the market that suits you and choose the correct market positioning; 2) As long as you want to explore the factory, we will sincerely invite you to visit; 3) If you come to visit, we will give you a perfect travel plan; 4) We can help you book quality hotels. 5) If you have any business needs, we will try our best to meet your needs and achieve 100% service;

6)6) A professional design team will provide you with a design plan.
Our Company
Trade History
Trade Capacity
Mian markets
Total Revenue (%)
Mian Products
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
Mid East
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
Western Europe
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
South America
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
Eastern Europe
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
Southeast Asia
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
South Asia
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe
Eastern Asia
Baby Diaper, Sanitary Pad, Adult Diaper, Under Pad, Wet Wipe

1.Are you a qualified manufacturer?
A:We are an ISO, SGS, INTERTEK, KEBS, NAFDAC, CE, approved manufacturer specialized in Baby Diaper, Sanitary Napkin, Adult Diaper and other Hygiene Products. OEM & ODM services are available.
2.What is your delivery date?
A: The delivery date is about 25 days after confirmation of payment and design.
3.What is your payment terms?

A: T/T,30% deposit in advance and 70% balance before shipment.
4.Can you send free samples?
A: Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the express fee. You can provide your account like DHL, or you can call your courier to pick up from our office.
5.Which countries have you ever exported to?
A: We have exported our products to East Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, New Zealand and so on.
6.Where is your factory located? Can I visit it?
A:Our factory is located in Quanzhou city,Fujian province, China. We warmly welcome you to our factory.

Feed back
If people improve energy efficiency by using this product, the less electricity they will need and less reliance on the carbon-intensive power plants is needed. This, in turn, benefits the environment. This product features a proper fitting without any kind of discomfort. The product will enable one to boost the aesthetics of his space, creating a more professional environment for any event. This product features a proper fitting without any kind of discomfort.
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