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China's diaper model enterprise, QuanZhou-Vcare international industrial chain is deeply built

China's diaper model enterprise, QuanZhou-Vcare international industrial chain is deeply built


The diaper industry chain generally refers to the upstream of non-woven fabrics, fluff pulp, polymer water-absorbing resin, PE film and other raw materials; the midstream of factory production and R&D; the processed diapers, through the logistics transportation chain, through supermarkets, mothers and babies Store or e-commerce, social platform sales are the entire downstream process.


The diaper model enterprises that meet the production of the entire industrial chain must conform to the development direction of China's industry, and be technological enterprises with technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, or model innovation. It needs to have a high level of the economic scale, innovation system, scientific research strength and investment, brand equity, etc while having growth potential and good credit.


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QuanZhou-Vcare has conducted in-depth exchanges and learning with strategic partners from the United States, Europe and many other companies to create world-class adult diapers, baby diapers and sanitary napkins. Some European countries can provide Vcare with upstream raw materials and technical quality support in the research and development of raw materials. For example, the ultra-soft micro-replication technology and the new micron-level ultra-fine fiber technology of the core have accumulated more experience for product quality in the national market and the development of the entire industry chain.


In the production process, Vcare provides strong quality and supply guarantee. Even when the cost of raw materials and logistics increased during the epidemic, the production, testing, and delivery were still completed with quality and quantity to help countries overcome difficulties.

I believe that in the future, QuanZhou-Vcare, the baby diaper manufacturer will gain more market share in the international market.

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